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Originally Posted by Crushaholic
However, the way of life in the South was more DEPENDENT on slavery. They were fighting for their way of life and their right to continue with their way of life. It was much more complicated than the slavery issue.

two humans fighting over the right to own another human?
because one claims that he is used to living that way?
so he needs to own a human in order to survive?
he can't survive on his own?
common now!
or is it that he needs to own him to feel in control of his life of his world or the world to be fullfilled?
it's as simple as that right? or no?

tell me where does it get complicated?
the economics of the south, agriculture, legalities, social pshycology of the south,slave dependancy, drug dependancy, women, vice, where does it end!

adaptation my friend thats the way of life.
Thats the whole reason we are here!

no excuses!

Only The Strong Survive!
We Livin' THIS till the day that we die
Survival of the Fittest!

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