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Racism does exist in this country. My parents are from India and I was born and raised in Alabama. I'm 25. Its not that bad for me since I dont look like the Indians that come from my native country and speak clear english.

But I've been pulled over a couple of times, once in 1997 for apparently rolling a stop sign and my friend (who was Vietenamese) were patted down and they looked in my trunk for something (which I have no idea what for) since I was driving my dad's honda civic and my friend was driving his honda accord. The one cop said that my friend's accord fit the description of a car that was stolen and thats why we got stopped and for me rolling a stop sign. Oh yeah, this happened at 3 am when we were coming out of a church lock-in and we had no drugs (i dont do them) or alcohol on us and we showed them our ids, proof of insurance as well.

And the other time was a week after 9/11, i was driving home from Atl to Huntsville, AL. this is a trip ive made at least 50 times and i was pulled over in New Hope, Al. I was going the speed limit (47 in a 50 zone) and the cop who pulled me over said "he wanted to do a background check on me." after about 10 mins (he took my license and went over to his car) and then let me go and said "you are clear to go."

I think racism exists and I think I was pulled over twice cuz of my skin color. I know there are far more extreme cases of racism than mine, which were minor. But it does exist and for those that dont beleive it does, they need to become aware of it.

I'm dating an black girl right now and since I moved to the north (Michigan), people dont stare at us when we go out. But when I lived in alabama and was dating a black girl, we got more stares.

It depends on what is the social context of where you live.

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