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Never saw Crash, but I lvoe the movies American History X.

I have no time for racism, any of my friends that want to tell black jokes and drop th N word along with other derogatory words I immediately get on(which usually causes them to act lik immature ****s by saying it over and over again.)

I am used to being around a racist kind of atmosphere, the town I grew up in is a very small community and during my 4 years of highschool, we maybe had 5 black people attend our school, the rest were all white. It just led to a lot of closeminded and outsider views of what other races were like, hearing the stories and listening to jokes basically formed a lot of people's opinions of other races.

I'm now 4 years removed from highschool and don't see a lot of my classmates, but I hope that since they've all graduated that they have matured enough and met enough non-white people in this wordl to form a different view of what they are about instead of a sterotype on all as they lump each of them all together.
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