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Originally Posted by KillerBronco#76
the only way racism goes away is if no one cares if another person is racist. Its kinda like if someone is trying to annoy you, you just have to ignore them for them to go away. but the problem is everyone always holds a grudge and they wont just let it go. im talking about anyone and everyone. It seems like racist white people are pissed because the advantages minorities are given. And it seems like racist minorities are pissed at the advantages white people have. I dont see why its so hard to exept that almost everyone is given a chance to succeed.

Thats whats great about america you can go from nothing to everything with hard work. Its all on the person to take the advantages they have and use them and not be jelous because someone else has different ones than you and you want theirs.Really with me and my freinds(of all races) we think of racism as a joke and tell racist jokes to each other all the time cause we dont care whats said. I think eventualy racism will wear away as the generations that experienced it eventualy die out( not meaning to offend anyone)

This is just the oppinion of a 17 year old so take it however you want
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