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John Elway

Yes there is still some racism in the US but it is nothing like it was 40+ years ago when I was one of the first northern white kids to be bussed to an all black Jr. High two blocks from where Malcolm X grew up. I never had a problem based on race while I was there. Folk who make racism a huge issue today don't remember or did not experience those days.

I try very hard not to group people but to look at the individual. Most people forget the most important phrase of Martin Luther King's speech - "I have a dream that there will be a time when people are not judged by the color of their skin, BUT BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER." I try very hard to make my judgements of people based on their character. My wife makes a big deal about small pieces of her heritage, but I tell our kids that we are mutts just like most everyone else in the world. It's time we got past the hate based on non consequental things like skin color.
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