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I was reading one of Michael Crichton's speechs. He likes to deliver these talks to gauge people's reactions to his material and see where he's on or off. It's very interesting stuff if you get the chance I highly reccommend it. His central theme has been and remains the rule of science.

I love science because of it's objectivity but our modern thinking is so clouded with negativity that we would find a way to pollute science just like the Nazi did. Bad reasoning leads to bad results. Environmentalism is good but since it has become politicized it is now bad.

One of the things he discussed is the myth of paradise. He talks about nature and how little we understand it. He proves that farmers are smart and most folks...have the wrong idea about life. There is no race, culture or group of people who have not committed murder, rape or some destructive human behavior. We are all sinners in this world.

Racism was a term used to describe the dominant cultures negative effect on other cultures. Reverse racism was a legal term invented to counter this claim. Now ALL racism has come under the new definition of racism. This is interesting to note because that means any discussion about racism is already tainted. There is NO discussion of racism in reality just corrections and adjustments to maintain whatever the dominant group wants.

I'm not anticipating anyone being enlightened by a thing that I say but my hope is while the dogs are yapping around the tree at this one pitiful little cat that they would realize they have no idea what the cats point of view is and to ask a dog what a cat thinks really is kind of funny if you think about it.

I know. Nobody likes cats. Whatcha gonna do?

Within any important issue, there are always aspects no one wishes to discuss. --George Orwell--

*SPEECHS: 1.Why speculate? A speech to the International Leadership Forum. 2.The Greatest Challenge facing mankind:Remarks to the commonwealth club of San Francisco. 3.Aliens cause Global Warming: The 2003 Michelin Lecture at the California Institute of Technology.
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