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There are folks in this country who would consider me to be a race traitor. I married a Hispanic woman from Mexico, but here in the U.S., I'm called white.

On the other hand, there was a powerful empire in Europe 60 years ago that might have sent me to my death because, as a Slovene, I just wouldn't have been quite white enough.

My kids are mudbloods (it's a Harry Potter term for wizards that derive from muggle, or non-magic parents).

My ancestors on my mother's side fought valiantly in the War Between the States. BTW, it wasn't the Civil War. The Yankees got it wrong. Guess which side my family was on. My ancestors were too poor to own anyone, but I guess that didn't matter. It was the principle that one person ought to be able to own another that they fought for. (I'm guessing that they weren't very well educated, but that's just speculation on my part.)

My grandmother -- we're back on the Slovene immigrant side now (sorry if you can't keep up) was featured in a man/woman-on-the-street interview during the Hough riots in Cleveland, with her mug shot, no less, saying, "(Totally unacceptable N-word)s no good."

I've heard people in my church declare their scorn for other types of Christians. Catholics this, Baptists that. I left the religion that baptised me rather than put up with that garbage.

I have two aunts who've been forbidden by their churches to eat with each other. Mind you, they're still members of the same religious sect. It's just that one chose to change her church. She changed buildings, not sects, nothing more. Now they are allowed to talk but they can't eat together. Look, you tell me about that one.

Racism (and sexism, sectism, whatever-else-ism) has been, is, and always will be real. Not just here, but everywhere. IMHO, some folks need to be angry at other folks.

I'm at an advantaged position as a European-American (because my grandparents were smart enough to leave Europe before the Nazis would have executed them) and my kids look every bit the part as well, even though they're more Hispanic than anything else.

Problem is: I don't care about any of this. I'd never make a decision on a friend, an employee or a wife based on ethnic information. Look, if you have a problem with the woman I married then you have the problem, not me.


Remember that line in Warren Beatty's "Bullworth?" Something like: "We all got to keep ******* each other until we're all one color.


I haven't seen the movie, but racism sets me off. I grew up in a racially charged city. My father was the only man in his family who wouldn't tolerate racism while every one of the cousins in my generation (37 of them) were immersed in it. Thanks to my old man, I just never caught the racism disease.

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