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Floyd Little

Dick Dale - King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best of Dick Dale and The Del-Tones
Dick Dale - Tribal Thunder

NOTE - As I said in another thread, I saw this guy in Cleveland last Friday night for the very first time. He ripped the place up....easily one of (if not the) greatest guitar players I've ever had the privelege to witness live.....the volume and fury of his performance was as awe inspiring as it was ear ringing.
He was also very personable, staying till the last person's CD/shirt/pic's etc. were signed, pic's taken & questions answered. I travelled four hours to see him one way....and it was more than worth it. I'll travel up to eight next time, he was that good. If he's in your area, see will not be sorry.

Link Wray - Shadowman The old great's 1997 release....sloppy, feedback drenched rockabilly material and covers of old stuff done in similar cannot go wrong.

Love - Forever Changes One of my all time favorites...a work greater than The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's and widely considered to be one of the top 10 greatest records to ever emerge out of the 60''s still criminally ignored by classic rock radio types, but they were never the swiftest of people anyways, so there ya go.

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham Great surf style instrumental music from Toronto....yes Toronto. If you ever heard the background music on The Kids In The Hall then you've heard these guys.....well worth seeking out if you ever gave that kind of thing a chance.
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