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Chris Harris

When I first saw the list, CBF1 was number 1, but when I looked a couple of days later I saw TheDave and I decided I was going after him first since Mock had already made a "fake" alliance with CBF1 (which at the time I did not know was fake).

It wasnt until later that I saw that the three Okies were all in the game and realized what a ****ing colossal mistake it was to go after two dudes that I didnt like instead of going after bigger fish. I was reluctant to contact spider, based on me not trusting the stupid redneck but I should have because he has pull and we could have kicked those Okies out quickly.

As it was, I failed in my attempts to garner an alliance because I was asking the wrong people and talked to those stupid Okies.

Im going there in July and when im there im going to personally whoop all your asses (Sideburn, I might have to use a 2X4 on your big ass).
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