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Mr Castro.

Well I guess it is time for the "Evil Campaign Manager" to speak his mind and vote.

Basically excluding yesterday evenings melt down, this game has been a blast and has made me spend more time on the computer than ever before.... yes even more than when Porno was delievered to young america years ago. I had no idea how to play the game and knew no one when the game started so it was flying by the seat of my pants when the bell rang for round 1. By reading emails, pvt msgs (over 1,000) now and seeing the 1st round vote totals it was pretty clear what was to happen in the following rounds.

Once the Dave/rascal goofing started the game became alot of fun, I did not think anyone could believe they were really going at it, I picked it up right away and joined in.

Anyway, The "4" finalists played the best game and thats why they are where they are.....I said 4 finalists, but Spider sucked so bad at college basketball he went for a swim. It comes down to as I see it "Dave the Defiant" "Smooth as silk Shack" and General Rascal. All had very good plans going into the game and all went well until the ghost round. Dave had the intestinal fortitude to go against his alliance to try to keep himself in the game..... Then when said alliance found out the still kept him in the game and acted like nothing happend.

This is the reason CBF1 casts his vote for Survivor TheDave

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