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Originally Posted by TheDave
Well... sounds like you working OT and not being here might be good for you. Hopefully it will give your red ass some time to heal...
I'm working overtime at home and working my ass of at work. I won't be able to check the mane at work (maybe once a day for about 5 minutes to see if anything exciting happened...ala pryce renegotiating) but I still might be able to check at home but that isn't very likely. I prefer to stay as far away from a computer at home as I possibly can since I stare at one all day at work. I hate these things especially Microsoft. Bill Gate is Satan himself.

My red ass is fine...but if I was you I'd be concerned about those blisters on yours. CBF1 was complaining about it saying it took away from his enjoyment having to look at those nasty things

Congrats on what appears to be an overwhelming victory...asswipe.
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