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Originally Posted by Rascal
Originally Posted by TD30
Originally Posted by Professor Truth J. Luthor
Originally Posted by TD30
Originally Posted by Professor Truth J. Luthor
Originally Posted by TD30
I apologize if I vote against you today it'is nothing personnel but I do have evidence that you were making some of the decisions that got me out of the game. I know good ole Dave is a liar and have proof that you thought I wanted to switch seats. Not so, Majik and I objected to this move. Hereís more evidence that I hadn't targeted you or MHS. It was my decision to double barrel MHS but that was purely because I was anticipating the double cross. If you manage to survive I may be inclined to give you some if not all of my votes for immunity, good luck

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Default Re: Next...
Originally Posted by TD30
Originally Posted by TheDave

Thedave:So, does anyone have a problem with MHS and Rascal?

td30:Are you goign after mhs and rascal?


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I have no problem with you voting against me I was expecting it. Although I don't understand why as it wasn't even me who orchestrated or suggested your removal although I did go along with it after I found out you were targeting Shack. I knew you had an alliance with Majik and that was probably the sole reason for my vote. I had a lot of evidence that you and majik planned on taking out Shack and myself in subsequent order. But don't worry about it it's just a game.

I've and others have been suspecting Dave for a while. If I get past this round we will see what happens.

That suck I never even had planned on taking you or MHS out until I heard from theDAVE....Wish I knew who planned our exit..
Be prepared to laugh at this: Dave and CBF1. Don't believe me ask Shack.
I hope you managed a way to persuade the ghost to vote your way check this out, damnit I almost knew this would happen, i think i took Crush away from you....

Re: Here is proof about Rascal being the ring leader
Originally Posted by TD30
Originally Posted by CBF1
This is a copy of an "alliance" email sent to my account from Rascal.... ********* is my wife and her name is on the account. Rascal is J*** C****** Dated 3-22-05. Look who is signing up other players and picking who goes next. Do I need to provide any more proof than this? Pass this along if you think it will help.

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Subject: RE: Trading Seats...

Well TD30 suddenly trying to switch spots with Dave sends up red flare signals to me. Plus Spider got a PM that Majik wants to get rid of Shack and I. Both of those moves donítí give me a whole lot of confidence.

Dbroncos4life is totally in my corner right now. Every round he asks who he should vote for and then he goes and does it.

We might need to keep Majik one more round but is for sure on my hit list. We might need to target bendog, Crush, or Clockwork one round then majik the next.

Holy crap I never tried to switch seats with theDave he wanted to be next to mhs and rascal. Sum biatch DAVE GOT ME. I just spoke to crush rascal it is I

I think this email said it all. The only thing I did not tell the truth about was to rascal today when he first asked me about a "new Alliance" voting him off. Dave is the one that came to me asking if we should go after rascal because he was getting an uneasy feeling on the direction of the game and now hethinks I started it all. Funny how this works.

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