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Originally Posted by AlecRaenos
No bribes. I vote TheDave as the winner as he earned the most respect from me (CBF1 was a close second, but alas he is not in the game any longer and thus, made my decision ultimately an easy one).

Shack and rascal were right to target me in the first round because in the second round I was going to target their little clique. Lying little b****es that they are...kudos for that.

Dave however had no such ties to anyone in the game really, not like most of the other players. Me and mock knew we wouldnt vote each other off and I think if I had gotten to Spider before Dave he would have sided with me based on longetivity of knowing each other. JMO.

As it was, I was gone for a few hours and all I had sought to wreak havoc on turned on me suddenly and visciously by kniving little thieves. Dave had every right to vote me off as he was clearly aware that I was voting him off the Island that first round and was seeking to get others to do the same. Meanwhile, the three stooges over there (shack, rascal and sideburn ****ing okies) were plotting and scheming and apparently CBF1 was involved which only further infuriates me because I khew I had two votes against me when I signed up (knowing CBF1 and THeDave had issues with me prior to our little excursion).

Curious though, I made up with both of them during this game and immensely enjoyed my short bit of time playing. Still have all those initial PM's from that first round.


Im bitter. I dont like to lose. So die rascal and shack! My vote is for TheDave to win it all and I strongly urge all those voting to vote for TheDave too.

And, because I was the first to get kicked off in landslide fashion, I believe my vote should count 16 times. I urge Old Dude to comply, following in line with Rule #1 of the game - that he may do anything he likes, including a bonus to Alec. For the ratings.

Thanks man!
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