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Originally Posted by Blueflame
Out of curiosity, I looked up precisely who the 10K+ survivor group would consist of... and immediately discerned one of Alec's motivations. It would not be a "Sausage Island" because of the 9 (10 if you count SoCal with a mere 28 posts to go to 10K), two of us are ladies.

Mock, Spider, TJ, Blueflame, Sassy, Slap, Faderproof, Alec, Amesj, and Socal. Four of us would also have a bit of an advantage due to mod status.... not that any of us would stoop to using it or anything....
I think mods could battle it out with non-mods if there were enough non-mods.

This is where that quote from Richard III would come into play about "the first thing we do ..."
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