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The Mole was created to be a disruptive force in the game.

Gathering intellegence was very easy and creating paranoia was the goal in the early stages of the game. Once the tribes were down to 8 players, it became clear that the Mole would not be effective since all the little Gilligans had realized that the Mole was an outsider and not in the game anymore (or ever). By that point, the damage had been done effectively.

Twisting Rascal, TheDave, TD30 and Sideburn were some of the main goals. I knew an elaborate hoax into creating suspicion that the Mole was AlecRaenos would in fact, create a great diversion and keep me free to establish my communication open with members of the 3 alliances.

Stringing the Mole along as a information narc was easy but communicating the messages were more difficult because of the smartness of our little island monkeys. Its a miracle they dont all have some sort of internet venerel diesese from forwarding and twisting all their little PM's and emails back and forth. Needless to say, because of which, I had to build trust by relaying certain secrets to the contacts. Once that was accomplished, the Mole had a chance to gather bits of intellegence on all the channels.
However, the Mole also had some secret weapons that he cannot reveal until the final endgame, but needless to say, The Mole persona helped me culture a bickering psychological warfare between "certain" players that created some serious waves behind the scenes

Using outside players as the Mole's "mules" was a good way to get outsiders involved in not only the game, but also to spread even more half-truths and tricks.

The riddles - The problem was, I had to relay my messages rather secretly since I already had inside information and didnt actually want to reveal real twists in the game to the players, so rather than actually name player names, I created a way of "hinting" about players with clues and gestures. For the most part, the players didnt bite. However, I did manage to reach thru to a few of them with this route. Believe it or not, the riddles were problably the most reliable source of information that I relayed to you all. Getting the "fake" information from some of the players, and knowing they were lying to me was the best part. Sorry Rascal, I knew your gameplan all along my friend

The Horses Butt Siggy Clues (Moleisms) - This was created for pure paranoia and speculation for the players with no real purpose other than to further suspicion. I would sometimes post most of the players photos or links but always try to leave one or two players information "missing" as a tactic. Then, the secret gibberish code, which, poor TheDave tried so hard to dicipher (sorry bout that thedave, I'm a bastard its true) Plus, using the avatars was a good way to point a clue out to a player in PM without having to name anyone.

The IP Doublecross - I got wind of Shacky and Sideburn's new found deity on the vBookie forum and created a situation for them to try and track the Mole's IP address fruitlessly. Realizing that if I could use an IP address
in Texas, it would further keep suspicion off my devious plans. So I called up my buddy in Austin and had him log specifically in the vBookie forum and post an easter egg for them to find. Problem was, Shack didnt know how to track the IP addy... damn....

So then, I had to retry the entire thing again using MTBronco as my mule of information, "suggesting" to Sideburn that he could check IP's there. He took the bait, hook, line and sinker. From there, the Mole posted again, but this time, I enlisted the help of 3 Mane'rs and my little sister at CU for IP bounces. Needless to say, Sideburn was OWNED and I got my jollies. Muahahahaha!

But it did not end there. I got a PM from Sideburn later that day and asked if I could help with the IP addresses, hoping that a Mod could check more data into the situation. Needless to say, I torpedoed his efforts with some tactics that I was hoping to use on the rest of you. I told him that it was AlecRaenos for sure and that I had Alec's "Secret" e-mail address that he was using as the Mole. I had created an email address and Sideburn sent the email to "alec" thinking that it was him. Needless to say, I strung him along for the rest of the afternoon making him believe that the Mole was indeed Alec.

The Personas - Very early in the Mole's sleuthing career, TheDave and Rascal caught onto the idea of creating an alternate username to use as information and disinformation. However, at the risk of revealing the Mole, I contacted both right after they created Snitch and The Mole's Mole respectively, and told them a BIG ass lie about how the Mane always red flags user accounts that have multiple id's and that they should not use them until I had a chance to contact TJ and let him know that it was just players.... What the did in the meantime was give the Mole time to establish himself as a legitimate force. Later, when I gave Rascal and TheDave the chance to continue using
their new accounts, it was already a moot point.

The Big Mistake and end of Le Mole - The Mole was first spotted and identified by mistake. TD30 had caught me accidentaly posting on the thread with Moleisms (IE gibberish photo clues) under MY OWN freaking username and in the 10 second period of horror before I could delete the post, he saw it. From there, it was damage control for the Mole but as luck would have it, poor TD30 got whacked that next vote anyway. But, he did share the Mole's identity with another player, who I had to also contact and ask not to reveal the identity. From that point, it was damage control city and I knew the Mole was toast soon

Soon after that, it was clear that the Mole's time would be limited however, since we were down to 6 players. I had an opportunity to pass along the Mole to Sassy but I think she wanted to try and create a diversionary tactic of
her own. I had actually considered passing on the Mole to TheDave as well but realized that it might compromise too much of the game if he had total access to the Mole's PM's. But I did at least let him know I was considering
passing it to him because he has been the true Richard Hatch snake of the tribe (and I mean that in a loving non-sexual way you perverts)

I called up Sideburn right before outing the Mole, and we laughed on the phone for nearly half an hour about how owned he was... I fear for future retribution Cory... I am at your mercy

With my identity revealed to some players, I knew that it was time to retire said mole and let the boys have at it vs themselves for the last week. But, remarkably enough, the ghost of the Mole was still playing a role right up until the last few rounds. Clearly the goal of the mole, had been indeed done.

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