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Originally Posted by Old Dude
Okay. I have made an error. Please standby. My Mailbox is jamming like mad right now. Plus I can't count.

I am still missing a vote this Round from DBroncos4Life.

Due to technical difficulties, I am giving him 5 minutes to vote or die.
Vote or die mutha f***a, mutha f***a vote or die
Rock the vote or else I'm gonna stick a knife in your eye.
De mocracy is founded on one simple rule.
Get out there and vote or I'll mutha f***in' kill you.

yeah I like it when you vote b****
shake dem titties when you vote b****
slam my jimmy through your mouf roof
now get your big as in the poll boof

I said vote b**** or I'll f***in' kill you
Vote or die mutha f***a, mutha f***a vote or die
can't run from a .38 go ahead and try
let your opinion be heard, you gotta make choice
cause after I slit your throat you won't have a voice
vote or die, VOTE OR DIE!
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