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Originally Posted by Old Dude
The big fat re-cap post.

We are now about halfway through the game, so this is a brief re-cap for players and
viewers alike.

We began our competition with a cast of 16 all-star contestants:

1. CBF1
2. DBroncos4life
3. Mile High Shack
4. watermock
5. TD30
6. Spider
7. rascal
8. MajikMan7
9. AlecRaenos
10. TheDave
11. bendog
12. Crushaholic
13. Bosco
14. Sideburn
15. Clockwork Orange
16. Kaylore

Round 1 saw the elimination of AlecRaenos, who went down under a ten-man dogpile. (post #125)

In Round 2, watermock was crushed in a record-breaking 11-man dogpile. (post #198)

Round 3 was a “secret voting” round, in where no breakdown was provided of the identities of the voters, i.e., who voted for who. Bosco was eliminated by seven voters whose identities have never been revealed. (Post #379)

In Round 4, Crushaholic went down in a 9-man dogpile. Kaylore was disqualified the same round, for missing 2 official votes. (Post #535)

Round 5 was a double-elimination round in which each player was allowed to cast two votes. TD30 was eliminated with 6 votes, and MajikMan7 was eliminated with 5. Mile High Shack, who finished with the third-most “wounds” (4), drew a free pass for round 6. (Post #779)

We are currently in the middle of Round 6. Deals are being struck. Backs are being targeted.

In this, the 6th Round, the “ghosts” of the 6 players voted off the island in Rounds 1 through 5, get to knock off one of the remaining active contestants, who currently consist of:

Mile High Shack
Clockwork Orange

As mentioned above, Mile High Shack has a free pass this round and cannot be terminated by the ghosts.

The ghost vote is “weighted.” Each ghost has two “base” votes. Players do not get to vote against one another this round, but they can, if they so desire, secretly vote (by PMing me) to “empower” one ghost of their choice. For each “empowerment” vote that a ghost receives, the ghost gets one additional vote to spend this round in order to eliminate (or at least inflict lasting & painful wounds) upon the player(s) of its choice.

One ghost will also get an additional 3 votes to play with. That ghost will be determined by whoever leads in the “Ghost with the Most” poll, elsewhere on this forum, as of 8:00 AM, Mountain Time, Tuesday, March 29.

Players who want to "empower" a particular Ghost must PM me with their choice no later than 8:00 PM on Tuesday, March 29.

On Tuesday evening I will post just how many votes each ghost can cast in this round.

The Ghosts will then begin voting, with a deadline of 7:00 PM WEDNESDAY evening, and the Results for Round 6 will be declared shortly after that.

In addition to the vote to knock a person off the island, each ghost may also vote to grant a player immunity from being eliminated in Rounds 7 and 8. For this purpose, the ghosts will have the same number of votes that they were awarded through empowerment or the popularity poll. The ghost votes for immunity are also due at 7:00 PM Wednesday.

After all the ghost votes are tallied, I will announce which player has been eliminated by that vote, and how the ghosts voted. I will not announce which players, if any, empowered which ghosts.

The person eliminated by the ghosts will become the first member of the “Celestial Jury” which could have a primary role in determining the final winner. (There is a way that a person could win the game without going through the jury vote, but that is unlikely. It is also a “surprise” that won’t be apparent for awhile.)

I will also announce, at the end of the ghost voting, which player they have granted immunity for Rounds 7 and 8. In the unlikely event that the winner of that immunity was also the loser of the elimination vote, the immunity will be worthless, because the player will already be dead before we reach round 7.

Round 7 will be a conventional round in which the players vote to eliminate one additional person. That person will become the second Celestial Juror.

In Round 8, two more persons will be eliminated. They will become the third and fourth Celestial Jurors.

Round 9 will be a special round. No need for anyone to worry about that yet, but it will be really interesting.

So far, we have not needed to resort to tiebreakers, but in the event that they apply, here is the running tally for the moment:

First tiebreaker: Fewest “wounds” sustained.

With zero wounds: bendog and DBroncos4Life
With one wound: rascal and Clockwork Orange
With four wounds: Spider, CBF1 and Mile High Shack
With five wounds: TheDave and Sideburn

Second tiebreaker: Most “scalps” (i.e. participation in fatal votes)

Five Scalps: DBroncos4Life, Mile High Shack, TheDave.
Four Scalps: Sideburn, Spider, rascal
Three Scalps: CBF1
One Scalp: bendog; Clockwork Orange

Third tiebreaker: Majority Vote of the “Ghostly Chorus.”

The quoted post should answer most of the questions I'm getting.
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