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Allen Iverson

Nah. Not really a fisherman. Did a lot of napping actually. Monteverde was a trip. The hotels didn't have radios or clocks or anything. You'd come back from a tour in the morning, and we'd sit on the patio and just read or watch the sun set. It was surreal.....for someone who relies on techology as much as I do, the first day was like going cold turkey on heroin. After that, I enjoyed it....a lot.

The wildlife was unbelievable down there. There's one type of bird that people will literally travel from across the world just to see. One person in the tour group at the Cloud Forest had come from London just to see this bird. I was happy because I saw a monkey. Haven't you always wanted a mon-KEY? /BNL

Anyone who loves heights that goes down there HAS to do the ziplines in the rain forest in Monteverde. I hate heights however, so while my mother thought it was the highlight, I'm never going to the ziplines again.
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