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Originally Posted by Hogan11
September game here as well.....maybe October at the latest, schedule depending. I'm hoping it lines up with when the Rockies are in town (weekend of Sept. 25th) so I can catch the baseball game on Friday night, help pack the bus Saturday night and join up with the OF1 crew on Sunday for the game. I did this last year and it rocked.

I know they'll be in Buffalo sometime this season, but I wouldn't go there for a game if you paid me to....too many bad experiences for me @ Rich....those people are just plain animals.

Dude, I love that place. Go there about 3 times per year. I can't ait for Denver to go back. Haven't been since Traylor intercepted that pass and "ran" for a TD.

The place is crazy. Against the Jets or fins the place is 1/2 empty by the 3rd quarter. Fights EVERYWHERE!!! All ya see are the neon security jackets in swarms all over the stadium. Best atmosphere that i've been aroiund though and I've been to Philly, Baltimore, DC, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Carolina, Cincy, Detroit and Indy. It's frickin great.
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