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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
I am strongly considering a trip to Denver for a regular season game in September. The Skins game would be nice, i am hoping we play at home against the Chargers in September so i could go to that game instead taking my best friend, Charger Fan (he is a recovering ex-Raider Fan too).
September game here as well.....maybe October at the latest, schedule depending. I'm hoping it lines up with when the Rockies are in town (weekend of Sept. 25th) so I can catch the baseball game on Friday night, help pack the bus Saturday night and join up with the OF1 crew on Sunday for the game. I did this last year and it rocked.

I know they'll be in Buffalo sometime this season, but I wouldn't go there for a game if you paid me to....too many bad experiences for me @ Rich....those people are just plain animals.

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