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Brian Dawkins

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
i agree Chris. Just keep Trevor. If he is still the Old Trevor and we still want to move him next year, than we will definitely get good compensation as the injury issue will be gone. If not, we can just keep him and let him produce. If we can stay healthy on the line we can be pretty good there. I like the Warren deal. Patterson said he really picked it up at the end of the year and he even turned over his line calls to him resulting in i think 6 sacks for the line over the last two games or something like that. Brown is a good talent if he stays healthy and Shanny said our contract is heavily tied to Courtney's actual playing time so we are insured. Trevor and Courtney on the outside, if healthy is very good. If we can resign Ellis Johnson and match him with Warren inside, id say thats pretty good as well. We already have Luther coming back. All we need from Luther is to be effective in the rotation. We know he has health concerns but all we are asking for is just to be in a rotation.

Still Socal, there are 6 Million reasons he shouldn't be on the squad. 6 cap choking, holding them back from signing any solid free agents, Million dollars.
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