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Default Important Scheduling Announcement

All times are Mountain Time.

The vote for round three is due by 6:00 AM Wednesday Morning.

Results will be announced later that morning.

The vote for round four will be due by Noon on Thursday. (There are no gimmicks or special rules for Thursday's vote).

The results will be announced shortly thereafter.

The vote in Round 5 will be due by 9:00 PM on Friday. There will be special rules for that vote, so I would strongly advise checking the site between noon, of Thursday and 9 pm on Friday. I can tell you this much in advance. TWO PERSONS will be eliminated in the ROUND 5 vote.

I will announce the results of the round 5 vote on Friday Night. I will also spell out the rules for ROUND 6, which I assure you will be very interesting.

I will be unavailable Saturday and most if not all of Sunday. However, the votes in ROUND 6 vote will not be due until 6:00 AM next Tuesday, so you will have plenty of time to deal with it. And I expect there will be some things to deal with.
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