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Originally Posted by CBF1
I think they are trying sensory over load. It is not going to work on me, I will just shut my eyes and throw a dart at my "Target board" I have set up in my office.
Let's see if I can be of help with some of the sensory overload.

1. The next round basically involves "confidential" voting. You can take a shot at someone without them knowing it. Nothing too complicated about that. It's a limited opportunity, because the rounds after that will be like the ones we've had so far.

2. Somewhere in the near future, Alec & Mock will have some sort of opportunity for revenge. But they can't win the game.

3. The "Mole" is sending out weird poetry to people. Or maybe it's not the Mole. Maybe it's someone pretending to be the Mole. Or the Mole-Holer. Or whatever. Make of that what you will.

4. Until Friday, you and another player can voluntarily change seats. If, for any reason, you don't like the ones you are in now.

5. Some time, you should watch John Carpenter's "The Thing." Has nothing to do with the game, but it's a cool movie with lots of cool quotes.

6. Play nice. Meet your voting deadlines. Lie, cheat, steal and murder at will.

That about covers it.
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