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Alright need everyones help... "The Mole" just sent this to me... See my problem is i really did sleep during all of those English classes.... Shakespeare, Iambic pentameter, hayku... when it comes to this prose I'm as dumb as a brick

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Originally Posted by Alec...errr "The Mole"
Well, well, it looks though some are back, and on the attack, or did we ever leave this pact and vote off Mock and his feline cat?
We have seen tidbits of pain and some misery. Some things unlikey, and some we see. The votes in this game are the obvious key.

Though the dying are dead, we give them our bread, make sure that they're fed so they dont come back instead. Be aware of this riddle, and you wont be in the middle of a conspiracy against thee for all to see.

At last, we come to the vote, blackend by darkness of night and cloaked in mystery. Who is who and who carries a knife, that stabs us in the back but for few to see, until its too late to end the mystery. If you spill your big plan about who ye shiv, I will reward thee with news of an impending votee for you to see and maybe a chance to ally against he.

The next detail is yours. I give you my word, our secret is still safe from our true enemies. But non-compliance will end our chat in this great mystery.

Quid Pro Quo
Now the best i can tell he wants me to tell him my "Big Plan"...

Alright here it goes... Don't get voted off!
sad thing is, that took a while to come up with....

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