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Originally Posted by Viva La Pat
This rediculous lack of loyalty to coaches in the NBA is really frustrating me. They lost nine of their last twelve...not a good thing, but grounds to pull the trigger on the Silas' firing? No way. I've always liked Paul Silas and believed the Cavs were finally getting serious about winning when they hired him, but I was mistaken. I hope the Cavs lose out for this one (sorry Cav fans).
Except for the last line, I agree with you.

Cavs fans like myself finally got the feeling that we were headed in the right direction with the hiring of Paul Silas along with making trades to acquire better players.

Apparently that wasnt the case though, as most Cavs fans are really dissapointed because we now feel like we're going to sink back to what we were before Silas and King James got here.
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