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Okay. 3 questions have come up. I'll answer them here so everyone can share in the wisdom.

The first is extremely hypothetical, but I suppose I better address it. To restate it, it goes basically like this:

If a player receives the majority vote for getting banished during the same round that he is disqualified for repeated illegal voting, is he considered the "victim" that round, or do you disqualify him and apply the "victim" status to the guy who received the next most votes?

Okay, first let me emphasize that no one has yet cast an illegal vote and no one is close to getting "disqualified." Each person is allowed one abstention (or illegal vote) in the first 6 rounds, and you don't get disqualified until the second one. No one is at that point yet.

But if it should happen, and if the person should also be the subject of the majority vote that round, the vote would "trump" the disqualification. So that person would be declared the victim and would be moved to the "Ghostly Chorus" or the "True Jury" depending on how far in the game we are. In other words, I would NOT disqualify that player, and apply the voting results to the second-in-line.

However, let me emphasize that illegal voting (or abstaining) is a dangerous stategy if you want to stay in this game. IF you are disqualified the same round in which you are NOT removed as a result of the vote, then you are disqualified. Period. In that situation, you would NOT participate as a member of the Chorus or the Jury. You would simply be banished to oblivion.

Like I said, though, no one is close to this situation, so if you didn't understand any of that, I wouldn't worry a whole lot.

Second question: Do you know who the mole is and is he acting on your behalf.

1. I have my suspicions who the Mole is, but I see no reason to disclose that to anyone.
2. The Mole is not acting on my behalf, but I don't have any problem with the Mole doing whatever the Mole wants to do, so long as he (or she) abides by the general rules of forum conduct.
3. Just as a matter of logic, the Mole could be (a) another player, (b) a spectator who knows nothing, (c) a spectator who does know some stuff, (d) a random troll, (e) a ghost, or (f) someone acting as an agent for any or all of the above. ... In the game that I previously played, there was a "Mole" of sorts, and it turned out to be (a).
4. The only thing I want to assure you about is that I am not the Mole and have nothing to do with it. I figure the structure of this game causes enough paranoia on its own without me having to mess with your heads on the side.

Okay, final question ...

For purposes of future rounds, I am not going to make any committment one way or the other about announcing who is left to vote. Sometimes I may give you guys lists, sometimes not. I can't stay at my PC 24 hours a day. So, as a general matter, you just have to vote early or late or in-between at your own discretion. As noted previoulsy, though, I will not be disclosing to ANYONE whether the vote in a particular round is close or not.

On with the game ...
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