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Jake Plummer

Originally Posted by rascal
I only got one riddle...what does the other one say (since you used implied you received more then one riddle)?
Heres my PMs from the Mole:

If an alliance of the four brings you more, would an alliance of three bring you to see, that in the now, some of you have no pow and voting will not be as easy to see.

A friend in need is a friend with speed, giving details to you to see about the alliances that you might not see

An insiders way to get them to play and give an advantage to thee. Some might have knowledge of certain schemes that you might not see.
If you want more details, then prepare to play the game.

The Old Dude is just your host, but I am the most. I have clues to shake your blues and keep you from being voted away.
I'll give you a hint to quench you thirst, about who went first, he had an alliance of five. Now he is out, likely to pout and give some secrets away

Thats all of them.
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