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I figured it would be fair for everyone to know something. The question might come up, as we get closer to the deadline, how close the vote stands.

I will never reveal that.

Here's why. When I was a player in a game like this last year, I had a bad experience. There was a huge battle going on between myself and another guy. In terms of alliances, he had a slight edge, but I had bluffed and blustered and bullied and threatened my way into a slight advantage. Most of the players assumed my opponent was going down, and they didn't want to risk getting on my bad side. In fact, I specifically told one guy that if he dared to vote against me that round, I'd kill his ass at the earliest possible opportunity.

Then with two votes left, the Em-C announced that it was a very close contest and that the final two votes could spell the difference. Those two guys (which included the fence sitter I had put all the pressure on) saw their chance to take me out and jumped on it.

As a result of that, the Em-C later apologized, because he realized that he inadvertently affected the outcome, but it was too late. Also, more and more people started waiting to the last second to vote, hoping that they'd get some last tidbit of information to use as an advantage.

That will not happen in this game.

I will never reveal how close any vote is until ALL the votes are in (or until the deadline has passed). I will only reveal who has voted and who hasn't, so that players will know who to contact. (And I may even back off on that in later rounds.)

When ALL the votes are in, or when the deadline has passed (whichever comes first) I WILL reveal exactly who voted for who. (I will not include any editorial comments that may have been sent along with the vote.)

I hope you all enjoy your PMing experiences. They will be weird, I assure you. At one point I found myself negotiating desperately for a vote - well after one in the morning -with a transexual who lived in Berlin. A drunk and hostile one at that.

Finally, be advised that anyone voted off the island is gone. They cannot be voted back on and cannot win the contest. But their ghosts may still haunt you, and they will have their day in the sun - - so to speak.
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