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Originally Posted by football idiot
which players took below-market-value deals in the 90's during our superbowl run?

I don't remember any.

which season, in the last 6 years, were we not a couple of injuries or big plays away from winning our division?

we've lost 3 playoff games. so that's not good enough. but find me one team in this league that would be favored to win a playoff game @ the 2000 Ravens or @ the Colts. the home-field advantage they get (with help from the refs) especially in a playoff game, is almost insurmountable.

the biggest thing we need is the offensive juggernaut we had in the day. and that requires the chemistry, experience, and talent we had in the SB runs. it requires a QB with the ability AND a few years in the system. it requires more than 1 or 2 starting receivers. it requires good-to-great play at the FB and TE positions (this has been a serious issue for us). and it requires a consistent pass-rush. we got lucky with old Al Williams and the ex-Chief DE (can't remember his name). but the old pass-rushers these days want 10-mill, they won't sign a sweetheart deal to play for a contender. and when they do, we end up with IHOP.

you gotta get lucky to win a superbowl. and you've got to have a pretty good team. we've been getting half of that right ever since 98.
I don't have all the contract info form the SB years but I could have sworn you had guys like Elway restructuring his contract in order to pay some talent in order to help him win a bowl. My point is instead of guys like Terrell we've had guys like Portis walking into the coaches office asking to be paid more than any other RB in the league. It's tough to get to the SB with moves like that.

I agree with you that going to the Colts two years in a row is a tough task for any team but had the regular season played out differently with a win or two either year the playoffs could have been different but the bottom line is we still are no match for the Patriots. This team is and was not 1 or 2 players away from a Superbowl winning team.

I'm not saying we can't make the superbowl but we need some serious change.
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