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We definetly have a pattern going here folks. Please click on the link to refresh your memory. It's becoming very apparent to me that our organization is pretty content on winning 10 or so games and remaining competetive enough to sneak into the playoffs in order to keep fans in the seats. The problem is the fans are not content with 10 wins anymore. The pressure is mounting and every season we hear more of the same thing. "We are just a few players away from making a superbowl run".

Alot of factors have to fall into place in order to make a run at the superbowl and if you look back at the talent we had then, along with the sacrifices of some of the players in terms of money, we just aren't there. I'm not hitting the panic button but it sure does seem that the Broncos have been resistant to any real change in order to get ahead.

Bottom line..........."Do what you've always done........and you'll get what you've always gotten"
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