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Originally Posted by Mile High Shack
this can't be good

no sir, not at all, I loved those books when I was in elementary school
Read them again! They've lost none of their charm! I almost done with "Price Caspian" (fourth book) and it's only been since Saturday thay I got them from the library (today's Wed.). I simply haven't been able to put them down!.

Good news about the films, the same people who did all the effects work for LOTR are doing the effects for this one. It's got the director from "Shrek" so, hopefully, he'll be able to make them appeal to a wide range of audience ages while keeping true to the story. Disney has no creative control, so we won't see them watering it down for marketability (although, we'll probably be bombarded with Aslan dolls).

They appear to be planning all seven movies and are releasing them in order of original publication and not, as the later series have been published, in Narnia's chronological order.

I haven't got a firm release date yet, but I've heard it will be late this year. According to this site it will be later this year.

The bad news is, it'll be going up against "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and the established fan base Harry Potter has. Hopefully, there's enough of us who read and loved these books as kids that will take our kids (or maybe just go to see them ourselves) that Harry won't kill the Narnia series before it really gets a chance to get started properly. Not that I don't want Harry Potter to do well. After all, I can't get enough of those either! Guess I'm just a big kid at heart.

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