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Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan
The Chronicles of Narnia are coming to the movies.
I don't know whether to be gladdened or saddened. Disney is involved, which could mean a sacrifice of story for marketability. Curse Walt's decendants and the scum who have bought them out!

Walden Media started it out and Disney became a partner later, so maybe there's hope, but except for the Pixar films (which Disney has no creative control over), Disney films aren't worth a d*mn any more! Hopefully, Walden Media will keep the Disney people away from the creative end of things.

This could be a better set of films than "The Lord of the Rings" or it could be worse than "The Black Cauldron."

this can't be good

no sir, not at all, I loved those books when I was in elementary school
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