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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by CB-Champ24
Yeah, thats an awesome song...Most every song from 80-85 is the ****...My favorites on that album are probably "Yesterday", "We're Only Gonna Die" and "Into The Night" I said though, you could pop in the CD and play it song by song, and be jammin' ya know? I basically like all albums by BR up to about the Stranger than Ficition...I've heard their newer albums, they arent bad but, totally arent the same band they used to be...Its funny though, I went to their concert here in LA in November and they didnt play anything new...Like everybody requested older songs, which are 10 times better than what they put out now a day...

Yeah, it was always a great song to play when first getting a band together and on the same page...I seem to remember always doing that one, Black Flag's "Six Pack" and Agent Orange's "Bloodstains" amongst others......I really miss that era, it was a lotta fun.
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