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Originally Posted by CornStore
this is homerism end of story. sorry but it really is. did you watch the game today? no one was doing anything to that defense, and those 1000 yd receivers would have fumbled if elway was throwing to them as well.
Did YOU watch the game today? Manning was shaking his head early in the third quarter and had a deer in the headlights glaze in his eyes. Whether you think you're going to win or not, you don't show it. QB is the leader and Manning is not a great leader. He is a great passer, but that is different than being a leader. Elway would have put players on his back if he had to just to win a Superbowl. Manning just doesn't have that in him yet. Will he develop leadership qualities? Doubtful, you either have it or you don't. It's not something you can fake.
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