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Nobody is saying Manning isn't a good QB. That would be like saying Marino isn't a good QB. But some QBs just aren't champions. Manning isn't one. The heat came and he couldn't handle it. Elway always delt with the pressure. Step up in the pocket, or roll out. He bought himself more time. Manning didn't do that today.

I'd even say that Vick could have won today with the Colts. Mobile QBs can get away from the pressure and make plays. Manning is a statue. He can't take the pressure. Young, Montana, Elway, and even a few QBs from today like McNabb, Culpepper, a healthy McNair, could have done a lot better than Manning because all of those QBs could avoid the rush. Guys like Manning and Marino always need a great O line to win. Sometimes even a great O line will have a bad day. That happened to the Colts O line today. On those days it's up to the QB to pick up the slack instead of blame them.
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