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Originally Posted by Jason in LA
There is one big difference between Elway the first 14 years of his career, and Manning. Elway took a bunch of nobodies to the Super Bowl three times. Manning has all the weapons, but he can barely get to the AFC Championship game. Elway got the Broncos to the AFC Championship game four times during his first 14 years, winning it three times. Put Elway on this Colts team, with all those weapons, and they smash the Pats today. Elway would have handled that pressure and got the ball to the receivers. If he could get the ball to the Three Amigos in the Dawg Pound, I'm sure he could have gotten the ball to three 1000 yard WRs in New England.

All in all peyton is not mobile elways was and i agree elway would have found a way to ge the ball where it needed to be,peyton on the other hand was waiting for something to happen.
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