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Originally Posted by Tredici
You find what you are looking for. You want to be annoyed. I don't think there is one person on this board "bitter" about Peyton Manning. If you had been around longer than a few weeks you would know there has been ongoing debate about Peyton's abilities for about three seasons.

Could some of the problems you mention Indy having been mitigated by some leadership and determination? QB's can overcome and influence the play of the rest of the team.

One of my long held observations about Peyton is he is a perfectionist. And as long as the gameplan moves along in perfect fashion he is automatic. He doesn't respond well to adversity. I think Vanderjagt was right when he commented on no emotion coming from the QB. But what does he know? He's just an idiot liquored up kicker.

i dunno, how did peyton manage to come back vs the bucs after trailing by 21 points? he certainly did some leading there in the most impossible situation. or when he lead the team to a win against the chargers, they ahd certainly been stifling the colts gameplan all day. i don't think that's a particularly valid criticism of manning. the guy is a perfectionist but how is taht a bad thing? i think the rest of his offense would agree he is a good leader and he's done things on the field to prove that.

as for today's game and pinning the other mistakes on peyton, maybe you're right and he could have compensated for the offense's flatness but this is pretty tough to argue about. maybe the offense really was jsut flat.

and dude, there really are a lot of people here bitter about manning ...

anyway i have to go, but good posts by everyone here
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