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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Anubis_Zyklon
Elway was never seen as overrated because he could take over a game by himself whereas Peyton cannot and that is evident. its not Peyton's fault that he isnt a mobile Qb but thats just how it is. even if his receivers are dropping passes he needed to find a way to substain drives and any cost and he just didnt find a way to do it. Even though it took adding some more talent to Elways team he still managed to get to the Super Bowl 3 times carrying the team on his back. thats why Elway is or was never overrated.
Good point, Anubis... you put an in-his-prime Elway out there against the Pats... with 3 1,000+ yard WRs to catch the ball and I'm simply not buying the notion that he could not have gotten the job done. Of course, Harrison, Wayne, and Stokely might have been sporting an "Elway cross" by the end of the day...
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