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Originally Posted by Blueflame
As was noted above, Elway wasn't ringless, CornStore. While the SB ring was missing until January of 1998, he did have three AFC Championship rings by the end of his seventh year in the league. And yes, some football fans did consider him overrated. Broncos fans were not among that group, however. We'd seen too many fantastic comebacks for that.

As to the Brady hype... part of the reason the Pats had a "chip on their shoulder" today was the media treating them like an afterthought. As long as the Pats are defending SB champions, they've earned the hype imho.
you said it yourself, the key phrase is that the PATS have earned the hype. but people constantly compare brady to manning and claim brady is superior when that is clearly not the case. the pats are superior, though classless.

and as for the whole ringless thing, making the cutoff at "conference championship" is pretty arbitrary. the point is it's an invalid criticism, since manning certainly helps the colts win. it's not his fault he met a team today that played lights out defense vs his offense ... and elway today wouldn't have advanced either.
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