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Originally Posted by CornStore
elway was ringless until the end. was he overrated that entire time? teams win championships, not single players, and evaluating a qb on being ringless when overall he's done far more to help the team potentially reach a super bowl than detract from it is just self serving bitterness, in my opinion. the media certainly does its fair share of ballwashing about new england and how great Tom Brady is despite the fact that a lot of his wins has been him being bailed out by his team and not vice versa. they certainly ballwashed elway a lot back in the day too. the media is silly, doesn't detract from the players they choose to kiss up to.

Elway was never seen as overrated because he could take over a game by himself whereas Peyton cannot and that is evident. its not Peyton's fault that he isnt a mobile Qb but thats just how it is. even if his receivers are dropping passes he needed to find a way to substain drives and any cost and he just didnt find a way to do it. Even though it took adding some more talent to Elways team he still managed to get to the Super Bowl 3 times carrying the team on his back. thats why Elway is or was never overrated.
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