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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by CornStore
i'm not talking about any long stretch of accomplishments or trying to compare manning's career to elway's. infact, i'm not even a Peyton Manning fan. it just annoys me to see him get irrationally bashed on this board because some of you guys are bitter about him for whatever reason.

all i meant with that comment is that given the way NE's defense was able to outplay the rest of the colts' offense, NO QUARTERBACK, not even one as good as elway would have looked good. manning wasn't the one failing to tackle dillon, or the one fumbling caught balls, or killing drives with dropped passes. no qb can overcome that, not manning, not elway, not montana, and not even jim kelly =P
Some of us simply view the ringless Peyton as... dare I say it.... overrated...

Perhaps if the sports media didn't devote quite so much time to Colts buttkissing, that might not be the case... but as has already been observed on the forum today, Jim Nantz clearly wanted a Colts victory so bad he could taste it.
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