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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

I can see Polian working the phones now. "Gawd dammit why don't you make them put a dome over that place, and those chowder heads are too loud. I want Bruschi fined. His fumble recoveries severely hampered our chances of at least being competetive."

Manning was f***ing hapless today. I for one am happy as hell. You're gawd damn right...sour grapes...In the final 30 seconds I was rooting for the Pats to break his ankle...Yeah I'm as classless as Bozo the Schottenheimer issuing bounties on certain goose footed rocket armed quarterbacks...

Shannon Sharpe just had a brilliant take on the post game..."When he had it, did he do anything with it? They were like 25th in time of possesion anyway!!!" I'm glad at least someone isn't doing damage control on Peyton "I've never won a game that meant anything...aside from throwing all over the Chief's pop warner defense, and escaping with a win" Manning.

Jeez it feels good to hate.
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