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(Marijohn Wilkin - Danny Dill)

'59 Cedarwood Publishing

Ten years ago on a cold dark night someone was killed neath the town hall lights

There were few at the scene but they all agreed

That the slayer who ran looked a lot like me

She walks these hills in a long black veil she visits my grave when the night winds wail

Nobody knows nobody sees nobody knows but me

The judge said son what is your alibi

If you were somewhere else then you won't have to die

I spoke not a word though it meant my life

I'd been in the arms of my best friend's wife

Now the scaffold was high and eternity near

She stood in the crowd and shed not a tear

But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans

In a long black veil she cries o'er my bones

She walks these hills...

(Harlan Howard)

'59 Cedarwood Publishing

There's a lot of strange men in cell Block 10 but the strangest of them all

Was a friend of mine who spent his time starin' at the wall starin' at wall

As he looked at the wall so strange and tall you could hear him softly curse

Nobody at all ever climbed that wall but I'm gonna be the first I'm gonna be the first

Well the warden walked by and said son don't try I'd hate to see you fall

For there ain't no doubt they'll carry you out

If you ever touch that wall If you ever touch that wall

Well the years gone by since he made his try but I can still recall

How hard he tried and the way he died

But he never made that wall never made that wall

Well there's never been a man ever shook this can but I know a man who tried

The newspapers called it a jailbreak plan but I know it was suicide I know it was suicide
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