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Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan
And, of course, the finale to the "Dark Tower" series, "The Dark Tower." I completely enjoyed that book. I won't say it's the best of the series because it'e the most recent on of the series I've read and it was months after "Song of Susannah" (and any of the other), but while I was reading it, it went everywhere with me. Literally, everywhere. I could not put that book down!
just finished 'rise of endymion' by dan simmons. mindblowing conclusion to the hyperion cantos and definitely one of the best books (and series) i have ever read.

i'm starting on book 7, ' the dark tower' tonite and i can't wait. i've heard nothing but good things about this book and the last one set it up pretty well. hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
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