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Originally Posted by Mile High Shack
Stanley Kubriuk might be a "genious" but he butchered the was basically his own version

the TV movie was more like the book but you are right, it didn't have any teeth

The Shining is one of my favs, but I love the Stand and those 3 are my favs, with the Stand being numero uno.

Not for nuthin' but a lot of his new books have a bunch of "feelings" in it, like Rose Madder and Delories Claibourne, that's not why I buy a Steven King book.
Basically King wrote the books mentioned because of the criticism of his failure to develop or have believable female characters. Neither book did much to improve that. I always thought he wrote Claiborne as an old man but used a female name.

Koontz did okay recently with From the Corner of His Eye and Odd Thomas. But he threw in a few clunkers recently, too. Watchers will always be on my favorite list.

A few authors I can't wait for anything new from are

Michael Connelly
Harlen Coben
Elizabeth George
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