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Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan
What do you guys and gals like to read? Read anything good lately? Looking for something good to read (besides the Mane)? Post it here.

Currently, I'm reading the "Harry Potter" series (again).
Recently read:
"Footfall" (Sci-Fi) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.
"Warlock" (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) by Andre Norton.
"Expendable" (Sci-Fi) by James Allen Gardner.

In the queue:
The "Freedom" series (Sci-Fi) by Anne McCaffrey.

Man ... I'd forgotten all about Larry Niven. It's been years, I read Dream Park about the time D&D came out and role playing games were all the rage. I never did enjoy D&D, but I would have if it would have been like the role playing adventure in Dream Park. Great read.
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