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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by amesj523
Some of you know i may not be the biggest beatles fan in the world

but i'd like to say that with out harrison, i wouldn't have eaten when i was homeless in seattle. (a krsna resteraunt called my sweet lord)

Nothing (other than the sound of a steel guitar) drives me nuts quicker than the sound of a sitar...I hate that shat with a passion.

I've delved deeper into the Get Hip label and it's stable of garage bands...mainly based in western PA and Ohio, these local level bands kick some serious azz.....three chords, sloppy, full of feedback and attitude...they are right up my alley as far as what I look for in a rock band these days....great, great stuff.......namely The Cynics, ever since I saw them in December, I've been buying everything I could from them and it has been money very well spent........I highly recommend them.
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