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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan
I've moved all my CDs into slimline cases. Makes it a little tougher to pick the exact album I want to hear, but good organization takes care of most of that. It cut my storage area in half!

This is a good idea and I tend to do this with stuff released in digipaks (and lemme state for the record just how much I hate, Hate, HATE DIGIPAKS...I wish the industry would just release stuff in jewel or slimcases only...that fragile cardboard paper garbage has got to go!!).

For me however, storage with a library look/feel is what I perfer.....I love the fold out cabinets from Sauder (which act as great speaker stands as well), but they discontinued the tall ones I see and now the new line is much shorter and as a result, doesn't hold as much.
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