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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by njbil
Although they are all short, those First 4 VH albums capture an energy and rawness that is unparalled. No taking 3 years to make a new album, more like a week or so.

I read that "One Foot out The Door" from Fair Warning was recorded on the last day when the band had literally one foot out (the recording studio) door. That's why it fades out kinda like it wasn't yet finished.

On the vinyl of Women and Children First there was a track at the end that just fades out after 10 seconds or so along the same lines. I believe I've read that the next album was going to kick off with that song but it didnt happen. Not sure if its on the CD or not.

The first 3 or 4 VH albums were recorded in 7-12 days, or something like that. 1984 was like a month. DLR wrote all the lyrics for 1984 in one day riding around LA in his pimped out Mercury while listening to the instrumental tracks.

Its sounds pretty fathomable as Diver Down was laced with covers ( i dont know if its entirely of covers or not ) so how hard could that have been to make? either way, im a big VH fan and love their stuff. i do miss Diamond Dave though.
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