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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by njbil
I'm REALLY diggin the remastered

This disc kicks all kinds of ass. My biggest complaint is that it's too short
All DL Roth era Van Halen releases are short...or seem so anyways. My fave is Van Halen II which, I feel, has stronger material than the first release (and all subsequent VH releases for that matter) and it clocks in at about 35 minutes total.

Fair Warning I like also, but not as much as's a bit of a downer release, don't you think? I thought it was kinda odd for "the ultimate party band" to put out that kind of release.....very interesting. I also think it's the last one that's really worthwhile because I wasn't big on the nearly all covers of Diver Down and grew to really dislike 1984 over for Van Hagar....pfffffftttt.
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